We are your brain buddies, your cool science friends! We bring you science in an artful, joyful manner, to let you see nature’s bare beauty and make you appreciate it as much as we do. Our gift to the world is as unique as life itself: mindfully designed hand-crafted jewelry and original artworks, coming together into a science-meets-art concept for the community. Our products are particularly inspired from the Life- and Neurosciences, and they come accompanied by labels explaining the scientific concept behind them in simple words. We hope to get you excited in learning more about neurobiological research, life sciences, and technology. If you are a scientist, we don’t need to tell you just how cool and beautiful science is. Just come grab your superhero talisman and get out into the world doing meaningful research for a better life on Earth. We hope you become one of the greats!

The original concept was developed by Olivia N. Auferkorte, aka your BB Olivus, who is a PhD in Neuroscience and worked as research professional for many years before moving into social work for women’s rights. After joining forces with childhood friend ‘ElMoni’ and former colleague Diana T. Karnas-Skrypzak, aka BB Dido, PhD in Neuroscience and representative of Science Products GmbH, the idea of a creative project around science for the greater public was finally brought to life. We have many plans and generally a whole lot more ideas than time and other resources.

We launched Brain Buds during Christmas 2014 at the Holiday Party of the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Since then we go live at least one time a year at prestigious Neuroscience conferences, including the Annual Meeting of the German Neuroscience Society in Göttingen, Germany, and the Forum of European Neurosciences (rotating locations in Europe).

In between events, we accept orders per e-mail at trinity [at] brainbuds.de

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