Experiment_ONE OF A KIND
Unique jewelry, featuring glimpses of pure joy and beauty from your (scientist’s) favourite experiment. A piece from a particularly aesthetic micrograph, the detail that no one else noticed, the band that made all the difference in that Western blot, the key to the successful algorithm, the recording that changed the course of the investigations. Or, for the scientists who can appreciate a bit of self-irony, the catastrophe and total mess of the everyday missed trials in the lab… A piece of jewelry of your own, to work as a witty conversation starter with your peers (wear your data at the conference!) or loved ones (offer it to someone you care about). Spread the knowledge, spread the love!

  • H-Experiment_01
  • H-Experiment_02
  • H-Experiment_03
  • H-Experiment_04
  • H-Experiment_05
  • H-Experiment_06
  • H-Experiment_07
  • H-Experiment_08
  • H-Experiment_09
  • H-Experiment_10
  • H-Experiment_11
  • H-Experiment_12
  • H-Experiment_13
  • H-Experiment_14
  • H-Experiment_15